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What are the conditions required in composting process?

Conditions required in composting process
Aeration: Composting is a biological process that can happen either aerobically (in the presence of oxygen) or anerobically (without oxygen). Oxygen is an essential requirement for aerobic microbes to thrive and they effectively break down organic Waste into simple components.
Anaerobic decomposition is comparatively slow and it produces unpleasant odours and therefore anaerobic composting is not a very popular or a common method. On the other hand aerobic composting is done under active or passive aeration methods.
Moisture: Moisture/water is a very essential component to precede all microbial activities. Water is the medium for most chemical reactions and 40% - 65% of moisture content is ideal for effective composting.  When the moisture content is below 40%, microbial activity will continue at a slower rate.   When the moisture content is above 65%, water will displace air from the compost pile leading to anaerobic conditions.
Temperature: Is essential for a well mixed compost pile, temperature can reach up to 65-700C due to activities of the micro-organisms. This heat is desirable and helps to accelerate the degradation process. In addition to this, it destroys the weed seeds, pathogens in the composting material and makes it unsuitable for fly breeding.


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