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Practical Answers Sri Lanka (PASL) is the knowledge sharing service of Janathakshan Gte Ltd ( and it is a partner of global Practical Answers service.

Janathakshan (GTE) Limited is a local Non Governmental Organization established in 2011 to continue the legacy of Practical Action ( in Sri Lanka and promote sustainable and green development solutions in Sri Lanka. Janathakshan; meaning ‘People’s Technology or Technology for People’ roots itself in the work of Practical Action. Janathakshan envisages the same vision and values of Practical Action and operates on the same principles. It is currently engaged in providing green and sustainable solutions in the thematic areas of Sustainable Energy, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction, Agriculture and Natural Resource Management, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development.

Practical Answers Sri Lankan share knowledge with development practitioners, students, academics, communities, business communities and public in general. This service allows users to tap into a wealth of practical solutions that are accessible through an enquiry service/call centre, web based portal & digital repository, Knowledge Avenue consists of a very good resource centre and the consultancy service which provides technological solutions, training, awareness, advisory services and capacity building programmes.

The PASL’s Vision
Right Knowledge at right time to make the world eco-friendly, poverty free and sustainable.

The PASL’s Mission
To contribute to the improvement of lives and livelihoods, by providing knowledge relevant to development and poverty eradication

Facing the Challenge of sustainability

 Long term sustainability is a key concern that any non-profit organization continuously has to address. Sustainability is a challenge which PASL also strive to address. Continuous fundraising is one strategy adopted by Practical Answers to meet this challenge of sustainability for the growth of PASL. Trialing income generating initiatives was another strategy which PASL wants to apply to face this challenge. Since 2011 PASL was trialing this by converting technical enquiries into income generating opportunities. PASL realized that there is a considerable potential to generate more income by expanding its knowledge services in to a new arena that is; providing training, capacity building and providing technological services although it is beyond the mandate of Practical Answers.  To assure the sustainability of PASL in this highly uncertain and challenging environment, strategic decision to transform PASL into a social enterprise was taken.  The decision gave PASL an opportunity to expand its vital services while moving towards self-sufficiency. Currently PASL is successfully heading towards the sustainability by providing great lessons to every other information services across the globe.

The Operations and Services of Practical Answers
Practical Answers Sri Lanka mainly comprises of three main units; Technical enquiry desk, consultancy arm and knowledge hub.

The Technical Enquiry Desk
The Technical Enquiry desk is the public interface of PASL. It handles the enquiries received from different audiences. It receives enquiries; answers direct enquiries, processes and direct enquiries to relevant divisions such as it’s’ consultancy arm and knowledge hub, maintains enquiry databases and does the follow up services.

The Consultancy Arm
The Consultancy arm is the key functional division which contributes to the financial sustainability of PASL. This division has two main arms; training and advisory service, and technological solutions. It provides technical advisory service on it key thematic areas and conducts training programmes on the same thematic areas and this is demand-based service, and clients are required to pay for this service. Also it delivers technological services - basically the technological equipment and products. PASL has defined these products and services in its product and service booklet.

The Knowledge Hub
The Knowledge hub is the core of PASL’s content. It comprises 3 main units; online knowledge services, publishing and bookshop, and Knowledge Avenue. Online knowledge services mainly consist of the web portal and the appropriate technology digital repository. It also consists of provision of knowledge services through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube and mobile service such as provision of knowledge via Short Messaging Service (SMS). Practical Answers publishing develops and publishes knowledge material on appropriate technology based on its knowledge and experience, and practical answers bookshop undertakes the sales of these publications. The Bookshop also undertakes the marketing and sales of publications of other publishers on a commission basis. Knowledge Avenue is the place where currently the physical library of PASL is held. The plan is to expand this with the facility to play, share, collaborate and learn both formal and informally. The avenue will be built based on the green concept in which all environment aspects are taken in to consideration. These also contribute towards the financial sustainability of PASL.


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