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How to lower the generator from the wind tower?
  • The lowering of generator should be done with great care. Therefore it is advisable to get the support of at least 10 people. Also, as the generator and the wind tower is too tall and heavy, it is necessary to use a liver system to lower the tower. The liver system used for this purpose is known as Gyn pole.
  • First fix the Gyn pole to the side opposite to the lowering side of the wind tower. Thereafter untie guide wires and tie them at the top of the Gyn pole.
  • Tie a rope at the top of the Gyn pole to prevent any unexpected lowering of the Gyn pole.
  • If a chain block or wrench is available, tie its cable at the top of the Gyn pole or use a 20 meters long rope for this purpose. Tie the chain block or the other end of the rope to an iron rod.
  • Release the two guide wires on either sides of the wind tower and get two people to hold it firmly.
  • Check everything again and lower the generator carefully.
  • Before the tower reaches the ground, at a height of about 5 ft., place a fulcrum to receive the tower.
  • After lowering the generator check all its parts carefully.
  • When lowering or raising the wind tower evacuate people from the vicinity of the tower. Also no one should be allowed to climb on to the tower.

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