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What facts should be kept in mind when inspecting a wind powered electric generator ?
  • Check for any defects or damages on the wind blades.
  • Check hinges attacked to tail for its condition.
  • Check components connected to the generation of electricity.
  • Balancing the generator, if you need any help for this inquire from Practical Action or regional Technical officer.
  • Check diodes circuit for any defects.
  • Check wires for any damages or defects.

For careful removal of the generator you need the help of few people. If the generator is defective for long period you will find it difficult to remove from the tower. To facilitate easy removal disconnect all wires attached to the generator.

Once the machine is separated from the tower remove the plastic sleeves and yaw bearing and clean them with kerosene for any rust.

Check all the wires which carry current from generator down to the battery. If the wires are damaged replace them with new wires.

Apply grease on Plastic sleeves and to all the revolving parts to facilitate smooth functioning and fix it back to the wind tower. If the hinges attached to the tail are defective and rusted then clean them and apply grease on them as a protective measure or replace them with new hinges.

Before fixing the wind tower back in its position, check for following;

  • Inspect base plates to which guide wires are fixed on the ground and connecting points to which guide wires are fixed on the tower.
  • Rotate wind blades manually and check whether the electricity generation is in order.
  • After completion of all repair work raise the tower back to its position.



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