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Eco Sanitation

How do Eco-san toilets function?

Special toilet pans are made which separates faecal matter from urine and washing water. Two compartments below the toilet pan that are constructed above ground level collect faecal matter over a period of years. Urine and washing water is directed into a separate pan that has a pipe beneath which conducts the liquid to a planted area to serve as fertilizer. After a period of 1 ½ years the first compartment may be full, and the second may be used. Subsequently the first compartment can be opened and dry compost can be collected for fertilizer. When the second compartment is full the first compartment that is emptied of its contents can be used, and subsequently the second compartment can be cleared of the stored fertilizer within. Users of the toilet use a cupful of ash or lime each time they defecate in the toilet.


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