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Solid and Liquid waste management in rural areas, a technical note

India is experiencing paradigm shift in rural sanitation. With the increased number of Panchayats becoming positive towards a defecation free society, necessity has been felt to address the problems of solid and liquid waste management in rural communities in order to really make them clean and green. Government has also launched the Nirmal Gram Puraskar Scheme under the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) to promote the efforts of Panchayats and villagers.

This reference manual was prepared by UNICEF and technical experts under the aegis of Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Drinking Water Supply, Government of India. It seeks to capture some of the best practices, both from the technological and management aspects with the objective of sharing it with the stakeholders. It contains some cost effective technologies of solid and liquid waste disposal and recycling with detailed scientific inputs. The note has two parts-first one primarily deals with technological as well as managements aspects, while another captures some of the successful cases in the solid and liquid management.

The cases demonstrate that the community, as a resource, can play an active role in taking responsibility for their garbage and liquid waste. The experiences also show that waste has economic value for a community. The guidelines confirm that the recent transformation in the way in which waste is being dealt with has found its way to rural India. This transformation is being summarized in the simple formula of the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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Part A: Technical Note on Solid and Liquid Waste Mnagement

Chapter 1  Introduction to Solid and Liquid Waste Management
Chapter 2  Solid Waste Management
Chapter 3  Composting as Technology Option for Treatment of Biodegradable Waste
Chapter 4  Biogas Technology
Chapter 5  Toilet Linked Biogas Plant
Chapter 6  Reuse and Recycling of Non-biodegradable Solid Waste
Chapter 7  Waste Water Management

Part B: Case Studies and Best Practices in Solid and Liquid Waste Management in Rural Areas


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