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Waste Recycling

How to manage waste in post disaster situations?

Disaster causes huge amounts of both degradable as well as non degradable and hazardous waste. Although, it is essential to clear the debris immediately after the disaster, it does not happen as priority has to be given to the provision of basic needs of the affected communities.

To make matter worse, in temporary camps and in housing schemes waste management practices require different kind of tackling than debris removal. In these places the population density is high and as a result of this waste generation per unit area too becomes high. Hence inappropriate waste disposal practices are inevitable.

In this situation the local authorities find it difficult to cater to the needs due to lack of adequate resources. Thus, it is important to make community aware about proper waste management practices.

Taking into consideration the non availability of waste disposal sites, the rebuilding process should encourage the incorporation of waste reduction, reusing and recycling strategies.


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