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When I make boondi, moisture content in it remains very high. How can I avoid it?


Given below are various ways in which moisture content can be controlled:

  • After frying boondi, immediately put it in honey and let it remain in honey for 15-30 minutes. Remove it there after. If the boondi is kept in honey mixture for longer duration it will become soggy.

(Source: Practical Answer resource person)

  • Scientific studies highlight the following as the optimum condition to get perfect boondis:
  1. Batter concentration - 40%
  2. Frying temperature: 182OC
  3. Frying time: 240 second per lot of boondi
(Source: Simultaneous Optimization of a Multi-response System by Desirability Function Analysis of Boondi-making: A Case Study by Ramasamy Ravi and N.S. Susheelamma;
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