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Domestic Biogas Systems

This manual gives a basic introduction to different types of bio gas systems,their advantages and how to use it. It also discuss the problems associated with the usage of these systems and solutions for those problems in a simple manner.
Medium: Sinhala
Publisher:Practical Action
Price: LKR 150.00

Technical Manual on community based Rural Road construction and Maintenance

This manual contains informative sections on key community based road constructions and maintenance methodology, tools and equipment, as well as standers and guidelines. The primary aim of this manual
is to assist engineers and technical officers of the related local government institutions in
the sector as well as students, NGOs and other interested parties who need a good knowledge on the subject of community based rural road construction and maintenance.
Medium: English
Publisher:Practical Action
Price: LKR 250.00

Domestic Rainwater Management

A guide to Construct and maintain the rain water harvesting tank
Medium: Sinhala
Publisher:Practical Action
Price: LKR 150.00

Annual Maintenance of wind Energy  Systems

Wind energy is a good alternative source of energy for location where there is a less population and there is wind for most of the time of the year. But in the it is difficult to contact the service providers of these small wind systems for trouble shooting in the long run. This hand book gives the basic instructions on maintenance of such wind system in a simple and descriptive way.
Medium: Sinhala & Tamil
Publisher:Practical Action
Price: LKR 150.00

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