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What are Biogas and the most popular Biogas tank types used in Sri Lanka?

Written By Admin, on Saturday April 21st 2009


Bio gas is produced by a process known as anaerobic digestion. It is a process whereby organic matter is broken down by microbial activity in the absence of air. This process takes place naturally in marshes and gives rise to marsh gas which contains combustible methane gas. Biogas contains about 55-70% of methane and hence it can be effectively used as an alternate energy source. Although there are various types of biogas digesters available, Indian, Chinese and Lankan Batch type digesters are most popular in Sri Lanka.

Indian floating cover Biogas digester consists of cylindrical digester tank and floating water sealed cover, which is capable of rising as the gas is produced and acts as a storage chamber.
Chinese fixed dome type digester consists of concrete and brick masonry dome-shaped structure. The gas generated is accumulated in the upper part of the dome and row material digestion takes place in the lower part of the structure.

Sri Lankan batch type digester is a combination of both Indian and Chinese type. The digester compartment is somewhat similar to that of Chinese fixed dome type and gas is collected in a floating water sealed cover as in the case of Indian floating cover digester. The only difference is that the floating cover in this case is mounted on a separate container filled with water.


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