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My full name is Lesli B. Namuag. I am located here in the Philippines. I would like to know the following regarding the Anagi dryer:


1. Is it non powered because the area doesnt have electricity.-  No it is not powered by electricity

2. Can it be used in a variety of fruit products? like cashew prunes, kalumpit    - 
champoy, dried papaya, dried pineapple and some herbs. This dryer is designed for cashew nuts which has relatively low moisture content compared to a fruit. It needs to be modified (e.g. inclusion of a fan) to accommodate  fruits etc.  There are some innovative designs of solar dryers that Practical Action produced have proven to work for dehydrating fruits and herbs

3. May I know how it will be operated?  Manually by a trained worker. (We have a leaflet on this??. If not pl let me know. I have to dig up my old notes)

4. Is the dryer ready made already? No but there are few manufacturers who Practical Action has worked with, who can do it for you. where can i purchase it? Udaya Industries Matara probably the best. They are into exporting. I think they have a website too. You also check with Chopa. If not Dhane from Techno Action Kurunegala might be able to help. If you can not find his contacts, check with Lalith from Sangrama

  • Is it possible to ship it here in the PHilippines?  I am sure they can. But better to check with them

5. May I ask for a price quotation?  May be you should just link them up with Udaya

6. Can we avail for a technical assistance in case we purchase?   If they want training from us yes they can

7. How many are now using the Anagi dryer?  Not sure but about 10 years ago there were groups in about 20 locations using the dryer for processing cashew

  • Is there anyone from our country?  Not sure but I do not think so

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