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Jack fruit dehydariton Techniques

Artocapus heterophyllus- Jak is very much popular food crop next to Rice in Sri Lanka. Depending on its stage of maturity Jak fruit can be used in a variety of forms. Immature or tender fruit can be used to prepare a popular curry called Polos, Mature Jak is called Herali and ripen jak depending on its texture is either Waraka or Wela.

Jak tree thrives in almost all the climatic regions in Sri Lanka and usually it grows to a height of about 25 fts. Fruits are available mainly during May to September and in some cases fruits are available during October to April following year.It was used as a substitute when rice was scarce during the period of Second World War and Arthar V Dias, who identified it as a Rice Tree encouraged people to cultivate Jak trees.

In most areas Jak fruits go waste without any use during the season. However, this valuable food crop can be processed into dehydrated form for use during off season and it will have a good demand from consumers.

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