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Challenge for paddy cultivation – Spreading wild rice varieties


Paddy is one of the main agricultural crops in Sri Lanka. Therefore regular attention on paddy cultivation is important. Agriculture department has identified a problem which is a threat to paddy cultivation. Mr.Priyantha Weerasooriya-Seed, Plantation materials & Farm Development in Polonnaruwa explained about this threat. According to him, wild rice varieties are spreading over the paddy fields in Mathara, Puttlum, Polonnaruwa & Mathale Districts.
There are four wild varieties of rice have been identified. These varieties are very much similar to the rice varieties which cultivate for consumption. Therefore these varieties do not respond to any weedicide. The only possible option is to use pure seed paddy and thereby preventing the threat of these wild rice varieties. By using seed paddy obtained from recommended places and proper land preparation, spreading of wild rice varieties can be minimized.
Wild rice varieties grow competitively with the cultivated varieties and due to its larger size of the wild varieties, the cultivated plants cannot get enough nutrients, space & the sunlight. So the yields get decreased. Therefore it is advised to pay special attention on propagation of wild rice varieties, and if identified they are in your field, immediately meet the Agrarian service officers.
(28th May 2012-Rivira)


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