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How Anagi (II) stove saves fuel and time and reduce smoke?

The Anagi (ii) stove encloses the cooking fire with insulating ceramic, protecting it from cooling draughts. What would be some in a traditional stove is burned as flame, raising the temperature of the hot gasses. The stove then guides the hot gases across the bottom of two pots.
Field tests show that by cooking two pots at once, one and one and half hours may be saved each day in cooking time in the Sri Lankan kitchen.

Properly constructed and operated, the Anagi (ii) will use up to 30% less wood than traditional open hearths. It will also greatly reduce the smoke women are exposed to while cooking: smoke which causes eye and lung disease. If the stove is Smokey there is too much fuel in it. Remove a few sticks of wood for a hotter, faster, more fuel efficient fire.

The fire box is designed to accommodate coconut shells and palm fronds as well as wood.


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