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Rain Water Harvesting

What is this Ferro Cement technology used in construction of Rain water harvesting tanks?

As per explanation given by the American Institute of Concrete Technology, Ferro-Cement technology is a technique where wire mesh is used to reinforce a thin layer of concrete or wet cement.

In this technique a thin wire mesh is wrapped around a frame and over which a thin layer of concrete or wet cement is applied. When the cement layer is dried up frame is removed and a second layer of cement is applied for further strengthening.

When using Ferro-cement technology it increases the ratio between surfaces area and the volume and provides an additional strength to the object to withstand tension. The ordinary reinforced concrete cannot be used to build a globular structured tanks and Ferro-cement technique can be successfully used for this process. Therefore, Ferro-cement technique is used to manufacture globular shaped rain water harvesting tanks at an affordable cost.


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