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Rain Water Harvesting

Our rain water harvesting tank give a different taste to water stored in it.Why is that?

Once the construction of rain water harvesting tank is completed, it should be washed well to get rid of any impurities. The rain water stored thereafter should not have any offensive smell or taste. If the water content in the tank emits a bad smell and posses a different taste, it is very much advisable to check for any creatures or impurities inside the tank. Also it is required to check for any leaks which allow sunlight inside the tank. Any sunlight inside the tank together with Oxygen and Water activates and multiply the chlorophyll content microorganisms such as green algae and its development tends to deteriorate the water quality inside the tank. If such a situation is detected, steps should be taken to clear all unwanted materials and rectify all defects to prevent sunlight inside the rain water harvesting tank.


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