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Rain Water Harvesting

Is it possible to build underground rain water harvesting tank?

The purpose of harvesting rain water is to use it for requirements such as drinking, cooking etc. which needed good quality water. As such it is very much important to maintain purity and sanitary condition of the stored water.

Therefore it is important to examine how far the water quality can be maintained when establishing the rain water harvesting tank below the ground level. In Sri Lanka every household compound is covered with plenty of trees. The tanks which established below the ground level are more likely to be affected by the root zone activities. The water quality may get affected initially by the secretions of the root systems and with further spread of roots tanks may develop cracks. In such a situation water will go waste and tank will not be able to use any more.

Unlike in the case of normal rain water harvesting tanks built on the ground level this type of rain water harvesting tanks need a water pump or a similar devise to draw water out of the tank. Also, it will find difficult to observe the water level inside the tank as far as the tank is located below the ground level. The normal rain water harvesting tanks that built on the ground level are very much easy to operate and efficient constructions compared to rain water harvesting tanks that are built below the ground level.


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