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Rain Water Harvesting

Is it possible to use a plastic tank to collect rain water?

Although it is possible to collect rain water using a plastic tank, it is important to examine whether the required water quality standard can be maintain as in the case of rain water harvesting tank.

Plastic tanks are normally used to store water to meet day to day household requirements. This water generally remains in the tank only for short periods and it continues to renew when water is used for day to day household activities. In contrast to this the rain water need to store for longer periods, may be like 8-9 months in some cases. When water is stored in plastic tanks for such a long periods it is inevitable that water quality get deteriorates and becomes unpalatable.

When considering the rainfall pattern in Sri Lanka and the size of the households, the required capacity of the tanks to be used is ranges from 5000-6000 liters. Plastic tanks with such capacities are very much scarce in the market and even if it is available the cost will be very high. However, the water required for purposes other than drinking and cooking may be kept in some kind of plastic tanks.


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