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Rain Water Harvesting

How long the rain water can be kept in storage?

Water gets untidy when impurities are added to the water. In the case of rain water harvesting tanks, except for rain water inlet pipe, all openings to the external should be properly sealed before using it for rain water harvesting. Therefore, no other things, except for very well filtered rain water can be there in the tank. Hence, the water inside the tank is free from any extraneous matter including creatures like rats, frogs, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches etc. and remains tidy.

Rain water harvesting tanks are constructed in such a way that no sun light can be entered into the tank. If sun light happens to enter inside the tank the Green Algae that found in rain water start spreading with the commencement of  photosynthesis process in the presence water, sunlight and air. The water quality get deteriorates with the spread of these Green Algae inside the tank.

If rain water is stored in a tank constructed using Ferro cement technology, no unpalatable taste can be developed even after long period of storage as in the case of water stored in a plastic tank. Therefore rain water can be stored for any length of time, if proper rain water harvesting techniques are followed.


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