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How to prepare vermicompost?
  • Begin by taking a barrel with 50 L capacity and by punching a hole in the bottom and fixing a ½ inch tap to it
  • Then place the barrel on a stand about one feet above the ground
  • Then get a 1.5 inch wide PVC pipe and punch holes in the bottom area of it. Place it in the barrel using brick pieces.
  • Close the tap and fill the barrel up to around 1 foot. Fill and pack the barrel with fine grain sand to up to 20-25 cm and open the tap for the water to flow away (you will be able to get a measurement of the water flow speed by this)
  • Take soil from an area where they are earth worms and fill up to 40-45 cm in height.
  • Next pack it with dry cow dung to up to 5 cm and cover it with liquidized cow dung.
  • Then layer it with hey, albesia leaves and soak it again with cow dung liquid.
  • Complete the layers as above to top up to 5 cm below the top opening of the barrel. Leave the barrel in a place away from sunlight.
  • A punched pot should be kept on the barrel and fill it with water. Open the tap for 15 days and close the tap on 16th day and fill the pot. Open the tap and collect the earth worm fertilizer on the 17th day.
  • When the fertilizer stops flowing from the tap, close the tap, fill the pot with water and collect the fertilizer on the other day.

Important to Note:

  • Salty water should not be put in to the barrel
  • When using the fertilizer, add 2 parts of water to 1 part of fertilizer for optimal results
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