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Why swelling of the udder and teats of the dairy cows?

This is a common problem in cows in dairy farms. It is caused by bacteria, and it is quite expensive to treat the infection. It is therefore important to prevent it from happening. The infection might cease the milk production partially or completely.

Symptoms of the infection

  • Swelling of the udder and teat
  • Redness and pain of the udder
  • Milk gets curdled becomes watery with blood streaks in some cases
  • Fever, listlessness and anorexia
  • Reduced milk production
  • In chronic and sub clinical cases the teat canal gets thickened, when the teat is palpated it appears like a thread inserted in the teat canal.
  • In subclinical cases the milk is not affected and appears normal but the somatic cell count increases and the milk yield is decreased. If the subclinical cases are more in the farm it becomes a problem to control the disease.

 The cows that have given birth to calves multiple times and produce high yield in milk are highly prone to this infection and local cows and young cows show resistance to it.The treatments are expensive. It is therefore more cost effective to prevent the infection.

To prevent it

  • Clean the sheds properly and maintain the proper hygienic conditions
  • The infected  animals should be separated
  • Wash the animal’s udder before milking
  • Soak teats in antibacterial liquid after milking (diluted salt o acid mixture)
  • Do not milk from a healthy teat after milking an infected teat
  • Clean the hands well with a disinfectant before milking. Clean the machines if you are using milking machines
  • Follow proper milking methods. Improper milking methods like milking using thumb and pressing or pulling the teat causes a mechanical injury to the teats.


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