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How to cultivate ginger in commercial scale?
  • Ginger can be cultivated from sea level up to 1700 m height. High yield can be obtained by planting this in between months of March and May. It can also be grown as an intercrop in a coconut cultivation. The drought times will require watering of this plant.
  • The area taken for the cultivation has to be dug up to 20-25 cm deep and create  canal which are wider than 60 cm
  • Place rhizomes from the mother plant with at least 20 cm gaps in between. Cover the rhizome and cover the field completely with hay or coco peat
  • When the land is prepared, 75 kg of Urea, 230 kg of Phosphate, 66 kg of Meuriate of potash should be added per Hectare.
  • After about 2 months of planting 230 kg of Phosphate, 66 kg of Meuriate of Potash should be added on to the surface of the plantation.
  • At the start of the cultivation, 17-20 kg of carbofuran 3% should be added to control the sap sucking caterpillars.
  • Fungi can cause the rhizomes to rotten and cause the spotting on the leaves. Fungicides such as Kaptan can eliminate this and the removal of the diseased plants are important to prevent the spreading of the disease to healthy plants.

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