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I have noticed reddish colour in sugarcane crops (on the stem and in some leaves). Various methods have been tried but I am unable to control it. Is there any suitable suggestion available which can be effective?


Disease in Sugarcane crop

Your sugarcane is suffering from a disease that is locally known as ‘ratdo’ or ‘radiyo’. In this disease, all the leaves and stem get a reddish hue. The problem is that disease spreads very fast from one field to another and causes great economic loss as crop withers within eight to 10 days of infection.

Generally, it strikes the crop when it is two or three months old and, if proper measures are not taken, the crop fails completely.

Organic local treatment: To treat this condition, farmers in Gujarat, India, make a mixture of equal quantities of lime and castor cake and sprinkle it between two rows of the crop and cover it with soil.
The field is then irrigated immediately after the treatment.

Farmers who use this technique say that repeating the treatment after eight to ten days can save the crop altogether.

About 15 to 20 kg mixture is required for one acre of land though it can vary a great deal from farmer to farmer.

Mr. Amrutbhai Patel, Valsad in Gujarat has used this method a couple of times in last two or three years. He has four hectares of irrigated land with heavy clay type of soil.

(Source: Honey Bee, 6(1):14, 1995)

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