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Housing - Question and Answers
What design and construction fundamentals should be kept in mind in natural disaster prone areas to ensure that buildings are sturdy and sustainable ?
Buildings located in areas that are prone to natural disasters (cyclones, tsunamis, floods, sea surges, and landslides etc.) need to be designed and constructed with appropriate disaster mitigating features. Sustainability of such buildings and their impacts on the environment have also to be given due consideration. Listed below are design and construction fundamentals that have to be incorporated to ensure that buildings are sturdy and sustainable and a checklist of related concerns: Founda ...
What are the smoke free/less cooking technologies introduced by your organisation?
We can suggest three options for low cost housing mentioned by you. These are 1.chimney and2.anagi two pot cook stove and3.gasifier cook stove. Chimney for smoke free kitchen Commercially produced hoods for cooking ranges are available in Sri Lanka but are expensive and may not be feasible for low cost housing. We have adopted chimney designs for smoke free kitchens.   Many Sri Lankans are in the habit of making use of Firewood for cooking and as a result the smoke spreads to entire house. ...
How to reduce construction cost of my house and build it by using rat trap bond technology ?
You can reduce construction cost of your house by approximately 26%  by using a simple construction technology called rat trap bond. Usage of this technology leads to 20% reduction in the numbers of bricks required for the construction and this automatically brings down the price. What is essential to note is that this ‘less usage of bricks’ doesn’t change the strength of the walls and the walls, thus constructed, are equal in strength to that of a standard nine inch brick wall. Other b ...

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