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Climate Change & Paddy Cultivation
Climate change & Paddy cultivation
Human Operated Water Pump Using Bicycle
Jack Fruit Dehydration
Jackfruit is a widely used fruit in our daily life. You can find Jackfruit trees in most of our gardens and the fruits just fall down without being plucked after we consume only a little amount than what there is. As a solution for this, we could dehydrate and keep it for a long time for our consumption. (Video is in Sinhala)  
Solar Fish Drier
Dry fish is an important item and a source of fish that is used in most of the households. The traditional drying of fish has its own disadvantages, but using a separate drier using solar power has managed to reduce the disadvantages and increase the productivity. (Video is in Sinhala)
Bee keeping (English)
How to use an artificial bee hive for preparing bee honey
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