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My full name is Lesli B. Namuag. I am located here in the Philippines. I would like to know the following regarding the Anagi dryer:
Answer: 1. Is it non powered because the area doesnt have electricity.-  No it is not powered by electricity 2. Can it be used in a variety of fruit products? like cashew prunes, kalumpit    -  champoy, dried papaya, dried pineapple and some herbs. This dryer is designed for cashew nuts which has relatively low moisture content compared to a fruit. It needs to be modified (e.g. inclusion of a fan) to accommodate  fruits etc.  There are some innovative designs of solar dryers that Practi ...
I am from Indonesia, where in me and my friends are involved in the production of Bioethanol, as kerosene, from cassava.
Written By Admin, on Saturday April 21st 2009 Answer: Almost every Indonesia villager uses kerosene for cooking. But, we are short of kerosene, and even Indonesian Government has removed subsidy from kerosene and is giving more preference to liquid petroleum gas (LPG) As a result, owing to high price of kerosene and lack of LPG distribution, villagers are now going back to the primitive ways of using wood to cook. Our target is to produce bioethanol, and also provide Bioethanol stove, as a m ...

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