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What is a pico hydro unit?
There are no translations available.Answer: A pico hydro unit generates hydroelectric energy. The amount of energy which is usually generated from a pico hydro is upto 1kW. Pico Hydro (PH) is a simp ...
What are the types of turbines used in Pico hydro?
There are no translations available.There are several types of turbines Pelton turbines Turgo turbines Propeller turbines Water wheel Pelton turbine is most commonly used in Pico hydro syste ...
What are the types of Pico hydro turbines?
There are no translations available.Answer:Low head, medium head and high head Pico hydro Low head Pico hydro – below 5m head Medium head – between 5-15m head High head Pico hydro - above 15m ...
What are the main components of a Pico hydro system and their functions?
There are no translations available.Answer: The components of the PH system comprise of a flowing water channel, pressure pipe (penstock), turbine, generator, electrical controller, distribution cabl ...
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