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Your website contains wonderful information that have really opened my mind. I'm currently a student from Nigeria undergoing a research on the development of a simple biogas purification system using iron fillings. would like to know if you have any desig
Answer:Will be highly grateful for any assistance render in this regards. The method practised in Sri Lanka is to connect a 4 feet PVC line ( 2" diameter) to the distribution line ( assuming the dist ...
Where can I get information about biogas unit that runs on kitchen waste?
Answer: Vivekananda Kendra – Natural Resources Development Project (nardep) has developed Shakti Surabhi-a biogas unit that runs on kitchen waste. This unit comes in two designs and is entirely ma ...
What should be kept in mind while constructing a bio gas tank properly ?
Answer: The precise ratio of Cement, Sand and ¾ inch aggregate material in concrete mixture used in construction of any type of biogas digester should be 1:3:6. Water should be added at the rate of ...
What are the advantages in using biogas?
Advantages in using biogas
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