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How Anagi (II) stove saves fuel and time and reduce smoke?
The Anagi (ii) stove encloses the cooking fire with insulating ceramic, protecting it from cooling draughts. What would be some in a traditional stove is burned as flame, raising the temperature of th ...
Improved wood gasifier cooking stove: what it is and why use it?
The wood stove is the most commonly used domestic cooking appliance in households of the rural and urban poor residing in the South Asian Region. A majority of the stoves being used are, however, slow ...
Construction Procedure of the Angi II Stove
The Anagi II stove can be made profitably by teams of 1 potter  and 4 assemblers/finishers. Each team can make 25 – 30 stoves per day. The potter throws the 3  maim pieces. The next day, an assemb ...

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